Sibling Rivalry

“Mommy! Drew took Vanessa! Make him give her back!”

“Drew- really? Give your sister her doll.”

“I don’t have it.” Drew gave an obnoxious big brother grin, as his sister punched him futilely.


He didn’t move and his smug smile grew.

His mother grabbed his laptop charger from the floor. “Now.”

His smile faded. “It’s in her room. Under the pillow. Brat!”

“Jerk!” She disappeared upstairs.

“Drew, things are tense enough. Must you? She’s only six. You are 15. 3 years from adulthood!” 

“If you let me see my friends, I wouldn’t be so bored and I wouldn’t bother her.”

“Drop the attitude. You know that you cannot hang out with anyone because of the quarantine. We are sheltering in place and socially distancing. End of story.”

“But, Mom-”



“NO! No. Find a movie to watch. That Melanie will enjoy! Quiet everything down.” She continued, mumbling just loud enough for Drew to hear, “ I don’t know how stay at home moms do this full time. I am not cut out for this. Thank God for WiFi and movie streaming or else there would be no peace”


“Mom? Why is it pitch black?”

Nononononoooooo! “It’s a blackout!”

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